February 12, 2007

I have a thing for colours. A variety of them. Catchy, pretty, dreamy ones, preferably.

I chose to place a white throw over my sofa so the colours of my cushions could stand out a little more.

My side table is decorated with some of my photography works and my favourite John Lennon mug.

I decided on a clean, white bookshelf, which I believe plays well with the rest of the colours in the room. On top of my bookshelf is a yellow ukulele and a painting I did of well, a cottage.

In front of the bookshelf is supposedly a lazy corner to chill the afternoon and choose a book to read. Or perhaps a corner to play some board games.

Being a cat owner, I then modified it to finally be somewhat a cat's playing corner.

Our dining room is filled with more white furnitures, topped with coloured cushions. Its walls are filled with some art to feast our eyes in between our dreamy dinner sessions.

We also have another corner of the home filled with yet more photos, love notes and banners from our old universities. Some dreamy photos are hung around this thing I call the "Poet-Tree".

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