August 3, 2007

Caught; but couldn't quite release.

03rd August 2007

"For every loss, there is something to be found."

I just watched Catch and Release. One of my favourite movies now, I must say. Perhaps it's the kind I'm easily drawn to. The genre I'm into. You know, drama, love, loss, family, friendship, roadtrips (fishing trips in this case), beautiful sceneries, acoustic indie music playing in the background from time to time, and everything in between.

The scene where four-year-old Mattie uttered a brief sentence concerning his late dad, "My dad was a super-hero" with his innocent grin while the acoustic sounds of Joshua Radin's What If You came into the background was simply...plain perfect.

I think Jennifer Garner did a great job as well. Don't get me started on Timothy Olyphant's role as the flirtatious photographer. The selection of music was impeccable to say the least. From Death Cab For Cutie to Imogen Heap to Joshua Radin to yet more beautiful acoustics which appeared from scene to scene.

I read the critics' comments which mentioned about it being slow. But perhaps slow is just my kind of thing. From Elizabethtown to Garden State to this. They're the kinds I can watch over and over again while getting my emotions all drawn into the screen. Not Transformers (tsk).
I could go on with my review on it. But as of currently, time is playing envy. Until the next one,


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