September 25, 2009

red and blue make magenta

So there's that pen with a cute-looking character, and another not so similar,
and then there's that pretty pen, a boring pen, a long pen, a short pen,
a thin pen, a fat pen, a bright-coloured pen, a dull-coloured pen, a funny-looking pen, a scary-looking pen, a classy pen, a normal pen.

Or we can skip that tiring introduction, and marvel at the
beautiful myriad of colours and patterns.

And then we shall proceed with that approach not only with pens; but among us humans.
Skip those unhealthy comparisons; celebrate our differences.
Because variety is fun; we're all made beautifully different.


  1. if only~

    zmn skrang bangsa berlainan pun asyk nak gado,xramai ade fikiran mcm u

  2. in the real world the differences are the reason to fight, to judge..if only..


  3. If only :)

    What I wrote somehow was a bit too optimistic and far from realistic, no? tsk tsk.

    But it doesn't hurt to have some optimism yea :)

  4. it's great to be optimistic ;)

  5. I agree great perspective and beautifully are very talented

  6. Surina: Thank you :) such kind words...thanks for the support, I truly appreciate it :)