January 1, 2010

The Year That Was

But the tide is low and then it's high,
The sun rises and then it sets.

Digging sand; building castles, tumbled
Leaving footprints; another pair, undiscovered
Throwing sand; laughter, faded
Dipping toes; catching waves, shivered
Taking photographs; unearthing dreams, captured
Walking straight; finding light; sunset.

But the tide is high and then it's low,
The sun sets and then it rises.

Holding hands; dreaming, sunlit.
Holding hands; dreaming, moonlit.


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  2. Happiness is when two people could just sit there, do nothing, look at it each other, and laugh.

    I know we could. Thank you, love.

  3. Anon: Happy New Year :)

    Iron Butterfly: That is, indeed :) Have a blessed new year!

    Eric: Thank you very much :) I'll be sure to check that site out. Here's to a beautiful year, to you & family :)

    Asrif: Thank YOU. Beautiful nothings don't come often :)

    GriselPiner1002: Thank you, Happy New Year :)

    Naz: Thank you, same to you, have a blessed year ahead :)