April 27, 2010

Of Secret Hymns & A Tapdance

To the mornings they walk so fast;

I'll sing my heart out and do a little tapdance.
I'll hum to the melody of the wind, move to the rhythm of the clouds, and shine under the rising sun.
I'll point my finger at each cloud, and connect one point to another until they form the shape of a heart.
I'll rearrange the words and alphabets on the billboards until they form a poem of hearts and dreams alike.
I'll draw a smiley face on the car window just so every person in each of the cars passing by could catch a smile.

To the mornings they walk so fast;

Here is how the day begins.
Here is my little love note of sentimental scribbles and secret hopes,
Here is how it wishes to touch your heart.


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  2. dear, was wondering mcm mane u make the photo looks so nice like the one in this post ? looks so soft in yellowish...is the photo originally like that or u edit in software ?

    thanks for sharing =P

  3. Love the photo. It looks so nostalgic. :)

  4. Ms Yap: Thank you! :)

    Farah: Hehe just shared via FB ;D

    B.Held: Thank you :)

    Miss Aida: Thanks Aida! I didn't know you still blog! Linking you :D