May 11, 2010

"Foto dan puisi," katanya.

"Terima kasih," bisik hati saya.

I could walk across town to paint a huge "THANK YOU" to express this gratitude of mine towards your love and support.

Alhamdulillah, my Photopoetry exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010 went well. Thank you for coming, for creating beautiful moments while we talked carelessly inside my Photopoetry tent, for taking that five minutes looking through my set of postcards and deciding which ten you'd like, for spreading your love. You're beautiful.

And here's something else just as beautiful, which also serves as my highlight of the week. The day I introduced my photopoetry works to Malaysia's well-known poet cum novelist, our Pejuang Sastera, A. Samad Said.

Terima kasih, Pak Samad :)

And a beautiful day indeed.

Now before I continue walking with some buckets of paint and love ♥, I shall leave you with a set of photos from the event, and a prose of puisi (Malay poetry) I have just scribbled on my poetry pad :)

Diberinya pena, dilahirkan seni;
Tercatitnya mimpi, tersenyumnya sendiri.

Diberinya melodi, diukirkan sepi;
Tersenyumkah bunga, tuk sang mentari?


  1. Dear Azalia,
    Congratulations on your successful photo-week. Your work is superb. Its beyond beautiful and it surely takes more than mere creativity to do such things. I have to admit I'm a huge fan of u. Stalking this blog is indeed my hobby. HAHA :P Well done dear on your wonderful arts. :")

    Andai seni dilahirkan pena,
    Andai sepi diubati melodi,
    Usah diragui senyuman sang bunga,
    Walau dalam mimpi, hanya untuk matahari.


    P.s; You rock!!! ;P

  2. Beautifully decorated tent!

  3. syg,

    just wanna say sorry i didnt come as promised. but congratulations for everything youve achieved!! you are soooo inspiring lah gadiss!! :D

  4. Looks gorgeous Azalia! :) Congratulations on the success!

  5. yeyyy congrats yaya, the tent look so cozy :D.

  6. wish to be able to spend a moment in your tent... I just bounced into your name on princesshaiku and am happy to have found this!

  7. Dear Cik Deline, Adee, Ms Yap, Ilya, Sebi, Aida, Rusy & Livia:

    THANKYOUU from the very bottom of my heart :) You're beautiful <3

  8. oh wow. he's so cool-looking. lucky!

  9. cinta / sepi / sayu:

    Cool indeed as a person, he was :)

    Anyway I just checked out your site. You have beautiful works. Both images and writings :)

    p/s - how did you find me? :)