June 17, 2010

The Walk of Heartbeats

Here is for the way I'd walk the world with you.

For the way the dance floor was made for two,
But the way we move on galaxies.

For the way your feet stay next to mine;
But the way we even walk on sunshine.

For the way we dig into the sand;
But the love letters written on them.

For the way we stand a little still;
But the sea of constellations we feel.

Here is for the way I'd walk the world with you.
But the way I don't even have to.


  1. Love, your eyes.
    Life, your smile.

    My world, you.

  2. this one is really sweet, beautiful things happen to beautiful people like u :)

  3. i always love the beach photos :D

    btw babe, WE WON! heheheh

    kalau u ade lg sgt best :D

  4. Asrif > Two sets of typewriters in a cosy little cottage overlooking the beach; our future.

    Lisa> You're too sweet :) I hope you'll have a wonderful week, beautiful <3

    Ilya> Hehe yes! I heard! Woot wooot ;D Congratulations sayang :)

  5. The poetry was indeed, beautiful :)

    Loved the last picture, really. Amazing stuff :P

  6. Hey Afif, thanks for dropping by :)

    Thanks, I love your works as well. Such a talented young man. Keep on inspiring; the same way your mum does ;)