July 29, 2010

The Song You Completed

How is it that each time I walk,
I hear the wind whistling about,
the hummingbirds singing aloud,
the sea answering the clouds?

But how is it that each time you're near,
So simply, beautifully, and so clear,
You bring the words to the music I hear?


Dear readers, to make up for my absence from the photopoetry world the past weeks, here are some personal notes for you:
# My second photopoetry on the Live and Inspire magazine is now up and published :)
# For each time you come here and not see a new piece, you may head on to http://azaliasuhaimi.tumblr.com/ where I publish all my other artworks on the go, via mobile.
# But I do promise to publish a new photopoetry piece here every now and then when I'm not too busy.
# But definitely, you're always welcome on this photopoetic space :)

Much love,
The Photopoet.


  1. We listen to the sound of nature's hymn,
    Of life, living,
    And everything in between.

    We sing along, through shine and storm,
    As the rays in the raindrops,
    Paints a rainbow in the clouds.