December 22, 2010

A Farewell; But Not.

The photopoetry below is a work I created for a farewell event and is now posted as part of the One Shot Wednesday on One Stop Poetry, a place where poets, writers and artists meet. :-)

For the way we've flown,
For the way we've grown.
For the ways you’ve shown,
For the ways you’ll show.

A farewell; But not.
You aren’t alone.
A farewell; But not.
No one’s to go.

A reflection; This is,
how much we’ve grown.
A reflection; This is,
how far we’ve flown.

May more wings fly,
may more souls grow.
May the wind be kind,
may the skies stay gold.

A chapter you’ve written,
another to go.

A reflection; This is,
Great lessons you’ve shown.


  1. you gotta love clearwater. =) thats where your wedding will be at right?? I can't believe you're getting married. Soooo happy for you.

  2. You've wings to fly,
    to set up your new home.
    who's the lucky guy?

  3. Lovely poem and the photos just take me away. Really nice.

  4. Thank you, everyone :-) This was written for a farewell event.

    Kaykuala - Ooh my husband is a writer himself :-) He's at