April 18, 2011

Please Support My Cause Which Is Featured On TV3's Sejuta Impian

My passion lies in literature and the arts. Out of this passion, I would like to build a community of creative, reading Malaysians. As this is best nurtured from a young age, and out of my love towards working with children; my next project goes to the adorable young ones of our country. More details soon. Do support my cause/dream which will be aired on TV3's Sejuta Impian. I'll need your support and prayers for me to get the funds needed to kick-start this project.

Thank you and much love.

P/S- Do follow my Facebook page if you'd like to get updates on this - Click Here
P/P/S- Tune in to TV3 if you'd like to know more as they've already featured ads on this upcoming show.


  1. saw u in the tv ads! all the best!

  2. Good luck!!

    Always love your work, nope, .....

    Your passion

  3. Ihsan - Thank you so much, Ihsan :-) The show is starting this Sunday and I still have not watched that ad myself...haha.

    Syl - Thank you, I truly appreciate your support :-)