October 16, 2011

Of Tiny Drawings and Malacca Portuguese Food

I thought it'd be nice for me to post little notes and updates on this site every now and then in between my "photopoetry", just to catch up with you on things. :-)

So here's a little something from the past week:

1.) Children's Story Book
I spent one recent rainy afternoon by the window writing and illustrating my first children’s story book. It’s going to be a story about the acceptance and celebration of our differences. The story is pretty much done and I'm currently in the midst of completing the drawings. :-)

2.) Food Review
My husband and I were recently invited to do a review of this new, lovely Malacca Portuguese restaurant located in The Sphere of Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur - Simply Mel's.

To read further on Mama Melba and her wonderful dishes, head on over to my husband's and my travel blog, Busking Barefoot.

Til' the next one, have a great week!

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