February 21, 2012

My Painted Ride

You're like a song that plays down the subway train,
A love letter; half sane.
Sunset in February,
carvings on a tree.

Two shades lighter beneath the clouds,
Is that your name painted in the sky?


  1. Sweet poem.Oh the photo's gorgeous!

  2. Hello.
    Poetry & photos compliment each other.
    Nice shots!
    Thanks for sharing.

    No Anguish Or Pain

  3. smiles...your words are def lyrical...and fit well...love it barely sane you know...ha...nice snaps too...

  4. Words and pictures in perfect synergy.

    That's pretty great right there.

  5. Nice blog you have here, Azalea. Very pretty photos on the masthead.

    Your photos to "My Painted Ride" really put me on that subway train, and I like the specifics about the person being addressed in the poem. The litany runs from things you can see hear and touch easily to the something that hovers above, perhaps just out of reach of the physical senses, the possible name painted in the sky.

  6. thoughts of a loved one remain everywhere, the name in the heart calls all over the place...great lines...

  7. Thank you for the lovely words and for sharing your interpretation, beautiful souls. :-) You inspire me.

  8. yeah, i think it's his name painted on the sky ;)