December 12, 2012

To dream; Moderately.

I admire those who practise moderation and are often calm in the things they do. Something I hope to attain someday.

I can get a bit too passionate in about almost anything and I don't know if that's good. On some days, the depth of the things I feel has helped me write poems or produce some sort of creative work. But on some other days, that same depth is what I have in expressing my day-to-day feelings through written words. Be it joy or frustration.

I hope to not be too expressive in public (though that's exactly what I'm doing now...again), afraid that those who don't know me well enough may misunderstand my notion. I just feel too much.

I am thankful to God for this heart, but I don't want to stop learning.

Moderation is what I hope to learn and grasp, inshaAllah.

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