February 20, 2013

29. Grow.

[Photo A Day January]

I remember back in my schooling years, I was often told to toughen up; to yell back upon getting yelled at. I grew up as a timid, sensitive soul and possibly tried to heed the advice of toughening up. But nothing else has changed.

A few days ago, at work, I was brushed off by someone with a (few) rude remark(s) at a raised voice, after asking kindly over something within her job scope. I did not yell back. I only had tears in my eyes at the other end of the phone. But of course. Despite still being hurt hours later and wondering what being in the Human Resources Department had taught her on people skills, I am glad to be left in a humbling cloud of deep thoughts; one after another.

If I could teach myself some lessons, right on top would be to never have the rudeness I was given. Because I do not believe in raising voices nor being rude. I believe in smiles, good manners and patience.

And that's me, toughening up.

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