February 2, 2013

My Fancy-Coloured Home (And Yet Another Addictive App)

Hey, gorgeous beings. I hope you're having one of the loveliest of all lovely weekends.

I know I've been enjoying mine so far, at home, with my eyes fixed intently on all sorts of app updates on the phone. And if you've been as intent, I'm pretty sure you've got your hands on this new video-sharing app, Vine, that seems promising enough to steal our time as much as what all the other amazing apps have been doing. Imagine our Instagram shots coming to life. Do add me up if you've been stuck in its senseless but fun video edits for the past few hours as I (crazily) have. I'm at Azalia Suhaimi and I hope to see you there.

Speaking of which, I thought I'd share a video of my attempt at interior designing (or something of that sort) here. This is my fancy-coloured home. Have a great weekend, guys!

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