March 27, 2013

7. My name.

[Photo A Day February]

I remember back in primary school, in between our little chats on what our mothers packed for lunch, we also talked about the meanings of our names. Pretty deep for little ladies waiting to lose our baby teeth. My friends all knew the meanings of their names and I was a little shy to admit I did not know mine. I knew though that Azalea was a name for a flower I had not seen and I knew too I had to give an answer to my new classmates before they could further confirm I was that weird kid no one wanted to be friends with.

When everyone had cheerfully mentioned the meanings of their beautiful names, I then just blurted out "Oh I am a flower." Oh how much have I loved flowers ever since.

And then in high school, we studied Puteri Gunung Ledang for a play where we learnt of these flower fairies with such lovely names - Dahlia, Melati, Kemboja, Matahari, Tanjong. I knew then my future daughter will one day be named after one of them.

Today, there's this tiny garden I'm trying to grow at our little home here. Oh, the joy in my fluttering heart, each time, upon looking at the blooming flowers. It waits to whisper to my someday daughter, that she, is a flower too.


  1. Salam sis,

    Hehe confession: I like your name. I think Azalia / Azalea is a lovely name. I daydream that someday, I'll name my daughter Azalea :)

    Anyway, love your blog! It's heartwarming :)

  2. W'salam sis,

    Sorry for the late reply. I've just noticed your comment. Oh that's sweet of you. :-) I look forward to meet your little Azalea one day! ;-)

    And thank you for your kind words on my blog. Much love. <3