March 28, 2013

9. Guilty pleasure.

[Photo A Day February]

I have an entirely sensitive tummy (digestive system, to be precise). I try my best to be a good girl, each day, ensuring I take plenty of fruits and leafy greens, healthy nuts and seeds, skimmed milk every now and then for my dose of calcium, healthy lean meat and good carbs in the form of whole wheat.

If I try to squeeze in a little guilty pleasure (say, in the form of a slice of pizza, or nasi campur with oily sides, and only for just this one time) into this food diary of mine, I can expect gas pains by midnight. Or a low-grade fever, at worst. Exactly what I've been suffering since yesterday. Boring, I know. But I guess I can take comfort into the knowledge that my system will often be filled with fresh, clean, nutritious food.

On that note, I am pretty proud of myself that I have not eaten chocolates or cakes or any of their sweet counterparts for some good three weeks now (I was once a sweet-toothed chocoholic). And no coffee for almost a year.


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