April 12, 2013


12th April 2013

It was a beautiful, foggy morning with occasional rays of sunlight teasing the sky. It was also one I had to walk in silence. I accept the will and decree of Allah. I shall also positively remember that He gives rewards whenever hardships are faced with patience. In shaa Allah.

Deep down, I am still in pain. Most times, I try to stay calm. At times, the pain surfaces. Today is one of those days. I guess it is much more painful suffering in silence and reading clueless messages addressing us as parents-to-be.

So I'll say it straight - I lost my baby. I had a surgery. But I will be fine. God is always kind. I hugely believe that a loss does not stop there.

Losing also means finding something else; Strength. In shaa Allah.


  1. Hi Yaya, hang in there. I'll pray for you...

  2. Sorry for the late reply. I'm currently going through all my past blog comments I have missed out. Thank you so much for your kindness and prayers.

    Much love. And may Allah reward your kindness. :-) <3