December 3, 2008

Life is a Playground

You'll choose where you start, or how you play it.

Some play without company; Alone, breathing every beauty and flaw observed.

Some play safe and near; content under the shelter of love.

Some prefer to be guided; whilst the wiser ones explain the rules of the game.

Some may hesitate or wonder where to even begin the game.

Some go with the flow; whichever way the branches sway.

Some play hiding under a certain shield, hoping for some others to seek.

...and then there are some who play towards perfection.

But while some prefer playing to an audience,

...some others may only get to watch others play.

But despite our differences, we're in the same game as we protect each other.

Rain or shine, we'd play through as we hold on to something called "Love".

P/S - Every line written for every photograph is intended solely for metaphorical purposes, and has nothing to do with the person(s) displayed in the particular photo.

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