July 22, 2006

Winter 2006 Roadtrip; Lambaian was Special.

During the first two weeks of our Winter 2006 holidays, us group of seventeen students went on a beautiful roadtrip around South Australia. Our journey began from Sydney, NSW, which continued to Canberra, ACT, then to Melbourne and most parts of Victoria, then to Adelaide, and finally all the way back to Sydney again. We called our trip the "Lambaian Selatan Australasia".

I initially planned to document the whole trip on a daily travel blog. That seemed like the perfect plan, considering the fact that I took pretty much thousands of photos.

I didn't. Instead of taking the time to document a blog entry each day during the trip, I enjoyed the moment instead. Those moments were captured and friendships were tightened.

At the end of it, I wrote a photo essay to sum up the beauty of the whole trip.


Lambaian was Special.

Because for once, everything felt like rainbows

....and butterflies,

For once, we felt as if we're on top of the world,

For once, we had that opportunity to feel that magical moment of being in two places at one time,

For once, things were as great as touching the tip of Eiffel,

For once, it felt okay to bring out that kid in me,

...or those in us.

Lambaian was special....

...even if it was just another roadtrip,

...for it had also reflected the ones who'd stay and follow us through thick or thin,

...or through whichever songs our lives play,

We knew we had each other come what may.

Lambaian was special....

...for we welcomed sunshine in our cars,

...of which brought more smiles and laughter to the end of the trip.

Lambaian was special...

...for everything was breathtaking,

...and the tranquility was felt.

And for every beauty we breathed in,

we knew there were more still to discover.

We continued our journey,

...with a mission in hand.

We were to bring back with us colourful memories,

...tighten friendship ties,

...keep with us the beautiful photographs painted in mind,

...and leave footprints everywhere we were to go.

The journey may have been long and cold,

But it went just like that.

For we definitely had a whale of a time,

...a period of sun, fun, friendship and more.

I could specifically thank the Pulsar members,

...for the wonderful, wacky times we sang and danced.

But really, the trip wouldn't mean a thing, if it wasn't for...

...the whole Lambaian family. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. xxx

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