April 12, 2009

Life Is A Game

The following is a remake and an extended version of the photo-essay I wrote titled "Life is a Playground", and is also the photo essay exhibited at the Rantai Revelation Art Exhibition 2009:

Life is a game; we foresee the fun but may fall later,

The rules are written but could be broken,

We may start our games by choosing our roles,

Just as how some prefer hiding,

...some others prefer the seeking role.

Some prefer playing by themselves,

...whilst breathing in every beauty observed.

Some play better in pairs,

some prefer on their own.

Some play with much passion,

some under the shelter of love.

And while some play towards perfection,

Some others need to play with guidance.

We wouldn't know when our game ends,

It may even come with a flow of drawbacks.

But that doesn't stop us from playing fair,

Or seeing the beauty behind every obstacle.

We can choose to overcome the shadow of hindrances,

...and unite in a coloured game of differences.

As together, we can witness beauty reflected from a myriad of angles,

...and protect each other as we go along.

Because rain or shine, we'd play through as we hold on to something called "Love".

P/S - Every line written for every photograph is intended solely for metaphorical purposes, and has nothing to do with the person(s) displayed in the particular photo.


  1. cool
    i wish i could b like u...

  2. ashieBee: you are kawan yani, kan? hehe thankss :)

    crazy_labelle: thanks :) but don't say that, you're special yourself! ;)