May 14, 2009

Where There's No Pedestal

Please come home with me,

Let's lie on the grass and stare into the beautiful blue skies,
Let's watch the same clouds move,

except this time we're side by side,
on the same green grass.

Let's watch the same birds fly, and give them names,

Let's hold hands when it starts to rain,

and let's watch beautiful creations from the same eye.

Let's look into each other's eyes when dark clouds form over us,

Let's still see beauty even when the storm doesn't sound pretty.

Please tell me if lying on the grass gets a bit uncomfortable,
Come share with me which one's your favourite cloud,
Which tune would you prefer the birds sing,
Which shade of blue do you like best.

I may not be able to make the grass comfortable,
I probably won't make your favourite clouds appear,
I may not make the birds sing another tune,
I won't make the skies blue when dark clouds form.
But I'll be next to you.

I'll be on the same grass,
I'll watch the same clouds move,
I'll listen to the same song the birds sing,
I'll look into your eyes when dark clouds form,
Let's be side by side.

And ride this journey together,

We'll sing beautiful songs with ardour,
Only because we share too many favourite ones.

Please come home with me,

The grass is waiting,
The skies have different shades of blue,
The birds are waiting for new names.


  1. thumbs up!! :D

  2. huey shin and abby ku, thank youu! :)

  3. u make me wanna melt n faint~

  4. sorry i just woke up from my melting faint. happy birthday~

  5. Anon: thank you for the birthday wish! :D