April 16, 2009

No Joker in that stack.

16th April 2009


I used to dislike them much that they often appear to be cheating. They did not last long, I thought. They give you fantasy-like visions only to let you down as soon as you must open your eyes for a little something called Reality.

And then I began sketching.

And then I got a camera.

So in this little something called Reality, you are given cards. But before seeing the cards in front of you, you must...see the cards. Visualize them. And pick one, known as The Game.
Now that you're in the game, you're still given a stack of them. Cards.

If you choose right, you get to go back to that bigger something known as Dreams. Thankfully I did, and I realized that dreams did not have to cheat me at all to begin with.
I could cheat Reality.
I could sketch a dream. Photograph a dream. Paint a fantasy. Capture those fantasy-like visions of a dream.

Simply, we can live our dreams. It's a choice.

So I kept this dream for a long time to capture photographs for National Geographic.

Last night, I managed to see my photography work on the National Geographic website. A start.


P/S- So, what's your dream?

p/p/s-- Click here to view the original photography work accompanied by a little poetry I wrote.


  1. thank youu very much, Sri! :) I remember telling you last time on how much I wish to be a little part of NG hehe :D

  2. awesome caption Azalia! keep up the good work :)

  3. Chun Hien: Thanks heaps! Truly appreciate the support :)

  4. awesome, congratulations!

  5. congrats! u are the true literature student :) just less sarcastic as ms pushpa..lol. waiting for more to come :p

  6. Dear Nana, Johan, Aijud, & Yune:

    thanks guys :) I truly truly appreciate your support =D

  7. chubbypenguin:

    oooh huey shin, its goood to c u here! hehe thankss btw :))

  8. i was wonderin for a while who's nenek kebayan hot, woooot wooot.

    hehe thanksss, tas :))