June 5, 2009

Collectible Postcards For Sale (Part 2)

Hello, awesome people :) I know I have been a lousy sentimental photographer failing to keep consistent with my photopoems on this blog. I do apologize, and to make it up to you, I have designed a new set of POSTCARDS :)

These postcards are made and designed out of my love towards photography & creative writing; hence the mix & match of my photography works and my own quotes :) And for those of you who remember, I sold my first batch of postcards over at KL Design Week's Secret Tents:

I truly thank all of you who supported the sales of my first set of arty postcards; from those who purchased, to those who ordered for more, to those who helped me sell and also definitely to KLickr for having me at the Secret Tent. You guys are simply AWESOME :)

And to those who demanded for more, I am truly touched; here I introduce to you, a new set of ten postcard designs by the name of Hearts & Dreams:

(The designs below have "Azalia Suhaimi Photography" watermarks on them but the postcards you'll be receiving will not.)

Design #HD1

Design #HD2

Design #HD3

Design #HD4

Design #HD5

Design #HD6

Design #HD7

Design #HD8

Design #HD9

Design #HD10

Just as before, each postcard costs RM2
A set of three postcards = RM5
A set of all ten postcards = RM15

To make orders, simply e-mail your name, contact details, the Design Code of your choice and the amount of postcards you'd like (eg. Design #HD9 x 2, Design #HD6 x 1) to azaliasuhaimi@gmail.com

This time around, you can come see me personally and collect the postcards at the Urbanscapes' exhibition venue at KLPAC, Sentul Park on this coming 27th June 2009 at anytime of the day (I may be exhibiting my photography works with the rest of the KLickr on that day too).

Worry not if you cannot make it to Urbanscapes, for we can always negotiate on the possible whereabouts of the-postcards-exchange.

In the mean time, have fun and go wild selecting your favourite postcard designs, drop me a mail at azaliasuhaimi@gmail.com and we'll definitely be in touch.

P/S - If you'd like to get some of the designs from the first batch, feel free to make your choices from here. Have a good week then!

--------/edited June 13th 2009 ----------------------------

Do also come have a look at the collection of postcards for sale by a friend of mine, Shazni who'll be at Urbanscapes as well.

I hope to see you, you and YOU at Urbanscapes, and I sincerely thank all who have made your postcard orders.
Come one, come all, make your postcard orders already. :-)


  1. They look amazing!

    Love number 3.So true.

  2. ERK? u picked ur design already??? gahhh!!! no fair! hehehe..i'l choose mine soon! hey! let's meet up! and have a business discussion! xD

  3. aijud: heyyy :) thankss, and yeah, flying is indeed a choice :)

    Oh nways! My postcards will be making their way to Sydney for MFest this Sept! :D
    I'll blog that up soon with more designs which resembles Malaysia as well....and you can make your orders if you'd like :D

    shaz: hahahhh alright see you sooon for our little business discussion! :D

  4. they're all...okay.


    -Mr. X-

  5. hey, really awesome stuff :)

    love the angles. love how you wax lyrical with them piccies all the more :)


  6. e: thankyouu! glad you liked 'em :) come come make orders if you'd like ;D

  7. i ada beli poskad u masa kldw aritu, cantik, i will buy again =)

  8. Aizu: thanks! :D glad you liked em, nanti i'll see you again for Urbanscapes yeah :)

  9. azalia suhaimi, i am yer biggest fan!!!!

  10. hai ...i jumpa blog u masa blog hopping . Nice collection arrrr

    ai nak sambung baca blog u lagi nih ...

    2 thumbs up

  11. Your pictures are fine. Just fine.

    -Haji Muhammad Naga bin Abdullah-

  12. Anon: thank you, I am touched! ;D

    Miss Moon: thankss, and no prob, boleh sambung baca lagi, hehe ;) come become a Follower and be updated whenever I update my blog :)
    your photos are beautiful too, esp those of your children! :)

    Haji Muhammad Naga: Hee thanks, and you pose as awesomely as Mr Sirajul! ;D

  13. yaya! use this link to promote mine ;)


  14. eh lain kah than the previous link i used? heee, but yea, changed :)

  15. hehe..yg tuh x public link..nnt org xde fb xle tgk :P

  16. Congratulations for your pictures. You show here a great work. Now I become one of your followers.
    Greetings from Spain.

  17. wormc.com: THANK YOU! :) I feel honoured to be receivin compliments from you; i'm a hugeee fan of your NYC photos! ;)

    Alvaro: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ;D I truly appreciate your support. I'm flattered, thankyouu for being my..urm, seguidores? ;D
    and I loveee your fotografia as well! ;)

    Well hello NYC & Spain, with love from Malaysia!

  18. Jennifer Palmer: thank you Jennifer :)