July 4, 2009

The One with an Urban Gratitude.

Good morning, beautiful people :)

Here's a little something for all of you who have had a blast at KLPac last weekend:

* Super congratulations to the KLue Urbanscapes team! The event went with a bang, which I reckon most of you know already ;D

* MUCHOS GRACIAS to all who came to support my photography works....at my exhibition and at the Postcard Bar...from the hugs you gave, to the kind words you threw, to the postcards you purchased! You're awesome.

* And because pictures tell a thousand words, let me bore you now with a few thousands. ;-)

That's me with my first set of exhibits at KLickr's 24-Hour-KL Photography Exhibition.

..and at 'The Postcard Bar!

Awesome friends who came to support. :-)


As a note of thanks, this one's yours:

I'm sure it wasn't just music we heard,

and I'm sure it wasn't just flying we've learnt,

And maybe it was a little bit divine,

maybe it was much more than that.

But more than anything,

magic; is the sharing we had.

again, from the bottom of my heart :)

P/S - Come drop a "hello" if you purchased any of my postcards; you deserve a personal "thank you"! :-)


  1. I love your works! Congratulations on your exhibition and postcard sales.

  2. Heh, I have almost the exact same shot! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_bZwZ87GqSbs/Sk-nLJbTyWI/AAAAAAAAAu4/5RaP6ppLDow/s1600-h/photo+poem+5.jpg

  3. Anon: terima kasih :)

    linsay me: Thank you very much, my dear! :D your support is very much appreciated :)

  4. Lesly: hehe you had yours taken at Batu Caves as well? ;D I LOVEE your shots, y'know...i think we share the same fave genre :)

  5. dah pandai letak link banyak-banyak nampaknya hahahaha cheers

    - Haji Muhammad Naga bin Abdullah

  6. Encik Naga: link apa? btw perasan tak mamat melt and faint tu dah hilang? apa jadi? straight edge ke?

  7. straight edge gila duh!!! hahaha ;)

    - Haji Muhammad Naga bin Abdullah

  8. btw, nak mintak pendapat, straight edge best ke? hahaaha pendapat ikhlas...

    - Haji Muhammad Naga bin Abdullah, penyibuk website serius azalia suhaimi.

  9. hey, i bought ur postcards. u're welcome. =)

  10. Anon (Encik Naga): apa kata you comment thru your BLOGGER PROFILE, then my readers can become Straight Edge punya readers too! you'll get banyak banyak pendapat ikhlas, cheeers.
    btw, my pendapat ikhlas: best best. i lovee entertainin reads! :D

    Shamsul Aizat: to the dude who has the coolest FB profile pic and won himself an Urbanscapes ticket: YEAYYY! :D
    thankyouuus again, it was nice meetin you. i'm sure you had fun at urbanscapes, now have a goood week! :)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. okay.

    kena marah dengan madam chair haha

    -encik naga

    ps: i miss you so much! wtf ingat ni fb ke, ni blog bisnes. See you 16th, i hope! pray for me surat belum dapat...=)

  13. Roy: we'll pray!

    Stephanie: thank you for the support, will do :)

  14. Hello there! Found your blog through Su's blog. I didn't know you worked in Delectable! :D
    I think I was the first to buy a postcard from you, when you were just setting them up. My receipient liked the postcard :)

  15. ayesha: hello! sorry for the late reply, was away. Ooh how nice to get a comment from my first customer in Urbanscapes! ;) thanks for gettin it, am glad the recipient liked it too :)
    and oh yes, I did helped out Su in Delectable for a while :) ooh yummmy cupcakes...heee :D
    have a goood day!

  16. magic! your blog is full of magic!

  17. Yuli: aww thanks my dear, I'm flattered you think that way :) and hey, thanks for being a follower to this blog! ;D