August 29, 2009

The Seasons Do Smile

Who knew you'd walk with me when I started walking alone.
Who knew we'd be bestfriends when we were strangers last year.
Who knew we'd talk less today when our hearts spoke yesterday.
Who knew we'd be strangers when we were lovers last winter.

But who knew you'd feel sunshine at dusk and then raindrops at dawn. And that's life; if you don't have your umbrella with you, then feel the rain.

It's beautiful. Too.


  1. :)

    well hello, Donna..nice meeting you here! :D

  2. oho...mcm ader unsur pedas di situ~

  3. anon: really, anda terasa pedas kah? heee ;D

    Keefoo: hey youuu :D i didn't know you soo linkin you. hehe and eh, speechless ke apa? tsk tsk

    Lysa: hey dear, thankss :) for this, and for always visiting my blog ;)

  4. i come back with something to say.

    i'm speechless. indeed ur heart is screaming a poem when u snap a photo!

  5. :)

    where you at currently? if i ever visit KK, do bring me around for some photo-hunting sessions; we'll see what poems I'll come up with when I take photos of you :D

  6. haha i am stuck at KK for almost 2 weeks now! :P

    sure u r wondering why u don't see in KL last week :P (syiok sendiri)

    mari la ke KK...i am baiting everyone here with sutera harbor's photos!

  7. who knew you'd be in KK for more than a week?

    hahaahhahh :P

    come back to KL! and yes, I'll be waiting for sutera harbour yeayy! :)

  8. adzuan: thankss, it was taken in Langkawi :)

  9. this is lovely :)

    this is simply life :)

  10. omg is that..

    aunty luly?!

  11. erina_z: thanks babe :) and I MISS our conversations about life! ;)

    anon: and you are...? :)

  12. no worries.;).i like to visit it coz it's full of poetry..i love poetry...i like to write poems in my blog too..but not as good as yours..hehe
    take care ;)


  13. every poetry is beautiful, sweets.. anything from the heart is :)

    am linking youu! :D

    you take care as well. x