September 5, 2009

That Short Stroll

We didn't have worldly knowledge, we spoke a different language.
We looked into each other's eyes, we walked what we thought were miles.

And that was all it took to walk the world; Love.


  1. yaya! great photo!
    keep it up k.

  2. anon: terima kasih :)

    lensa perusak: thanksss, zhaf! eh chup, this IS zhafri kun kan? hehe i always get confused between u n nik aizu each time i see "lensa perusak". haha :P

  3. ah-haaa. happpy birthday, munzir! :)

  4. love sure is blind, it doesnt matter where're u'r from. blinded love either brings u to cloud nine, or just brings you down in the end.huhu.
    just a piece of my thoughts.,hehe.;p.
    take care :)

  5. Lysa: thanks for sharing, hun :) love it when ppl share their insights on a poetry...cos poetry can be interpreted in soo many ways kan :) and true, I agree with what you said too.

    when i wrote this, i had in mind the innocence of a child. when loving is easy. children can show such sincere, pure love...towards ppl, nature, animals & things.
    and if only we stayed that way and not complicate things, we could achieve one world, one Malaysia, one love ;)

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  7.'s true only the poet know the real interpretation of a matter how many other million ways it could be interpreted..:). love the way u put it..yeah, the innocence of a child, sincere n unjudgemental..could make the world a better place..totally agree.:)