November 15, 2009

The Marvellous We Forget

And maybe it was years ago when everything seemed new and you were little; and you marveled and asked; and you pointed at white clouds and blue skies and falling leaves and singing birds before you went another wow from another wow.

Nothing's changed.

You still see with the same eyes and hear with the same ears and feel with the same heart. And the clouds are white and the skies are blue and the leaves may fall and the birds do sing.

And here is when you say


  1. seasons may pass, throughout the years, century by century, but some things will just always remain..
    *love u too ;)*

  2. Abbyku & Lysaku, love youu both :D

    I realize how as children we marvel at almost anything around us.
    And then we grow up and lead busy lives and forget how beautiful we used to think these things around us are. The little things in life. The clouds moving & the sun shining.

    Doesn't hurt to smell the roses even at our busiest times, ay? :)

  3. Nice photo especially your logo up there. Love it!

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  4. kenwooi: Hello, and thank you! :)

    IMCurtain: thankss! :D will check out IMCurtain soon :)

  5. Simply well put with the scene you took.

    At the ending I just let out a sigh. The right kind of sigh. Like when I finish reading a good book.

    Just awesome. :D

  6. Hello Joyce :) Thank youu soo much..glad you liked this photopoetry (as what I'd call it ;) )
    Truly appreciate your kind comments.

    And hey, I shall be 'stalking' you as well ;D

  7. Youths marvel at the basics, ignoring the details.

    Adults wonder about the details, overlooking the basics.

    Perhaps that's why they lead a happier life.

    We think too much.

  8. See you've got me thinking.

    Ooh well. Good morning, Asrif :)