November 22, 2009

The Dream I Didn't Know I Knew

I'm not sure how to explain it; I'm just sure you play a huge part in it.

It feels as though I'm walking in a dream; an illusion of some sort, or technicolour magic.

I don't know; I just know I'm the luckiest person to be in it.


  1. Didn't manage to sleep?

    I like the lighting in this one. It does give a rather dreamy sort of effect.

  2. Haha was doin some sort of movie marathon last night... and this just popped up in my head after watching Dan In Real Life :)

    Thank you :)

  3. So quaint I bet many days were made from reading it.

    Mine included.

  4. where did the colours come from? i'm still a noob at photography... it definitely looks like a dream.. :)

  5. Asrif: Well YOURS better be! tsk tsk :)

    Esther: Hey :) those were light reflected through the water. The photo was actually shot from behind an aquarium.. Hence the colours and the bubbles as well. Hence, a dream ;)