December 5, 2009

The Promise I Made

I'd be there, I thought.

I'd be there to whisper of how beautiful a person you are.

Of how the wind brushes against your cheeks, of how the water sings as it falls, of how sunlight reflects on water.

And that is why I'm not there.

You can feel and you can hear and you can see. And that makes you a bit much more than beautiful.


  1. The poem made me think... Hm, I'm not sure what it really means.

  2. Joyce > hehe what do you think it means?

    I had a great time making someone tell me his interpretation of it.

    I lovee hearing people's interpretations of my poems. That's what I love about art by the way. Always open to interpretations, No right or wrong to it :)

    So yeah, would love to hear your take on it hehe :D then I'll spill what I really had in mind when writing it :)

  3. even if they dun say how beautiful you are, u should know that beauty will always lie within you are beautiful inside out ;)..

  4. Remembrance.

    Wind, water, light. You notice how they affect the one you care for.

    Images of which, you recollect when you're longing for him/her.

  5. I agree! :D People tend to forget the 'self expression' part of art when they criticize, I think.

    For me... It's about knowing how to let go. So that the person you love can grow. You don't have to worry because the memories that you have with that person will never fade.

    Or something along that line.

  6. Perhaps we don't really need anyone to remind us of our beauty. All we really need to be is ourselves, and the very fact that we're able to see, hear and feel with our hearts; that makes us beautiful. Having a heart.

    I thought I'd show you that. That was my promise.

    But I didn't have to show you that. You're beautiful on your own.

    So I guess you're right, Faiz. There never really was a promise :)

    Asrif and Joyce, thanks for sharing your interpretations to it :) Came from the heart as well, I'm sure :) You're beautiful like that, and I didn't have to tell you that ;)

  7. so beautiful, all of it! <3 And you, Yaya!

  8. Sara: Hey pretty one, it's good to see you here in the blogosphere :) why thank you.... and so are you! :) xo