February 6, 2010

The Insanity We Planned

Like the way we sit and sing on the meadows were planned;
Like the way the windblown hair and our feelings, weren't.

So much of our lives can be carefully planned,
So much of life can we carelessly feel.


  1. Just as I carefully planned to meet you;
    Just as we carelessly felt, for each other.


  2. i love how u speak for your pictures and how they actually speaks for themselves. kudos.


  3. Adzuan: Thank you :) I love the work of your smiling CNY orange :D

    Asrif: Here's to the beautiful moments we've carelessly lived :)

    Ken Wooi: Thank you, I enjoyed your photos of York! :)

    Lysa: Thanks my dear :) And I think you can touch the sky and reach the stars above and climb the mountains and even sail the seven seas :) <3

    Reddishblack: Thank you very much, you have no idea how very much in love I am with your works :) Commented on your other blog :D