February 22, 2010

The Way The Pages Flipped

I could tear down a page and write you a love letter,
Or never.
For I'd keep the pages clean yet scribble tales of love forever.

But for all the passion this pen and paper could share,
The greatest love story is still
in the way you pick up the phone and ask me how I feel.
In the way a mother strokes a child's hair.

For pages could tear.
For inks run dry.


  1. can't remember how i stumble upon yours, but one thing for sure I've been a silent visitor here for quite some time :)

    P/S: eh, how u know tat reddishblack is mine (zati) :/ ?

  2. oh! deviantart i guess. u linked ur blog at DA :)

  3. wow. Diana F+.
    mine is Diana-Mini.

  4. hi yaya,

    im liking your pictures!!:) good job babe!

    p/s i kwn zarit n asrif. recomended blog by zarit.hehe

  5. Dz: Thank you :)

    Zati: Hehe I love your artworks that much, that I had my ways of finding out your other blog. Haha okay don't worry, am not a stalker...tsk :P
    But yeah you had your "Zati Hazira" copyright on your photos on the Reddishblack blog as well.
    And oh I see, dA, yes :)

    Nana: Dianas are such beauty, kan :)

    A Piece of Me: Ilya, am I right? It's so nice meeting you here :) Am checking out your blog and flickr currently...you've got great stuff yourself, fellow art lover :D
    And thank you for the compliment :)
    And oh, Haz was my roommate back in KDU btw..hehe.
    And if you're reading this, Zarit, thanks for recommending my blog! :)

  6. Thats really beautiful and deep.*

    Thank YOU for reading my blog :). Thank you.

  7. your words say it the right way. love it ;)

  8. Anon: Maybe sometimes we all are :)

    Flying Stars: No problem, I love the way you write, I think it's beautiful :) And thank YOU too.

    Lysa: Thanks dear :) You're always full of kind words, and that's beautiful :)

  9. These. These words. Your words.

    They are the reason I can't stop telling you how beautiful you are.


  10. Your love. It's beautiful it leaves me out of words :) <3