March 20, 2010

But A Graceful Dream

The following Photopoetry was published on the Live and Inspire magazine:

But how do I speak of your love?
When I look into your eyes, I see the skies above.
Pure and beautiful; simply endless.

But how do days not know of seasons?
Every second; a summer love.
Every step; a growing garden.

But how do my mornings sing?
Nightingales appear, a chorus begins.
The sun, shining; The river, flowing.

But how does darkness disappear?
The moonbeams call; and bright stars twinkle.
Our souls, loving; Our shadows, waltzing.

But how do I even begin?
The depth of your love; my blue skies.
The light of your love; my summer,
The poetry you whisper; my nightingale.
The way you're next to me; my moonlit waltz.


  1. Rise and shine, I wish you be,
    The morning light,

    My love,

    It's brightness,
    You'll see.

    Sweet dreams, sleep tight,
    You gently bid,

    In the night slumber's dream,

    It's you,
    I'll see.

    As the Sun rises to my shadow,
    The Moon smiles to your beauty,
    My clouds dance to the birds singing,
    Your stars listen to the crickets musing.

    Our hearts still beat to each other's rhythm.

    For it's the same Sun and Moon,
    Soon enough,
    We'll see.

    1125pm, 19 March 2010
    London, England

  2. hey i love your necklace! i'm a charm bracelet fan myself and, aaa.mmg tk pernah bukak kot, since..ummm forever..? and charms collector especially from thomas sabo. but this year alone dah 2 charms hilang, one of it is the four leaves clover that symbolize "luck".

    ah, say no more.

    p/s: love those hair too.,,and sunshine of course!

  3. it's always nice to drop by your blog. your pics soothes my soul. thank you. heh!

  4. Asrif> Here's to the way you reply with another poem each time I recite one :) Love. And see you sooooon! :) x

    Zati> *high five* ! :) Am a huge fan of charm bracelets too...cuma I have a problem when it comes to jewelleries (charm bracelets or weird antique kinds specifically. not a fan of diamonds haha)... I tend to be attached to them, and somehow, yes, they always go missing or something....and I'd be quite emotional about it...sigh.
    I lost a charm bracelet before too...ada a few lucky charms there...sigh, hilang. And lost an anklet too.

    But oh well! Tsk tsk. Anyways, yes, yeayy sunshine :) <3

    dSaint> Awwh thank you, you're too kind like that :D Never thought my pics could soothe souls, but am glad they did yours :) Thanks again, and have a good weekend! :D

    kenwooi> Thank you, Ken :) I wrote it in the train this morning, while I saw blue skies and paddy fields pass me by. It was a beautiful morning, I was alone in the train, and had quite a load of emotions there :D Thanks again, have a great weekend!

  5. so much in love~~~~ ♥
    nice take babe! :)

  6. Hehehe, just trying to put my feelings into art :) <3