March 22, 2010

Of Hello's and Thank You's.

Rare is the sight of an entry being written in a casual daily-conversation manner on this blog of mine I call Photopoetry.

And this, is one of those supposedly rare sights.

I thought I'd borrow a few beautiful minutes to say Hello to you in just "Hello", and not proses.

So, Hello. :)

And yes, I thought I'd use this one entry to paint a huge "Thank You" to those behind the Accredited Online Colleges site for listing my blog into their 100 Best Poetry Blogs article (mine at Number 91, under 'Photographic Poetry').

It's a huge honour to have my works acknowledged, and be part of their best hundred. I thought mine's nothing compared to the rest they've listed. So most of all, it's the wonderful article they've written, introducing us to a bunch of brilliant poets out there and their beautiful sites. Oh, the beauty.

Just how wonderful it is to know of and be inspired by five other photopoets out there. :)

So, Thank You. :)

That's to my usual nightly routine of sipping tea, humming jazzy tunes, and reading poetry. Now I've got a whole new list of poems and sites to be included into what's known as my therapeutic routine.

So there's Hello. And there's Thank You.

Now here's a truckload of love. I love you, and would you please have a good week? :)

P/S- But of course, I'd still insert a photo. Here's one, from my collection of polaroid shots hung on the wall. x


  1. u deserve the price...nice blog! keep it up!! nice music too!

    nanged u.Want some dating tips? nang this to find out more ^^

  2. Thank you :) Music's not mine though. That's Zee Avi's :)
    Thought the melody fits right with some of my poems and photos :)

  3. Congrats on being listed in the top 100.
    Have just learnt how to follow blog. Am still learning - very slowly :)

  4. as a silent visitor here for quite some time till i one day speak something (hehe) i really think u deserve it! congrats n please keep us happy with all those words and classy polaroid shots.

    nak tanya soalan technical sikit je:
    kat mana yeh beli polaroid film tu u biasa beli, price etc etc...

  5. very well deserved, Yaya. didn't know people like you (sorta dreamy artist) still exist.

    you and asrif really deserve each other, though i'd say you're the more talented one. he he he...

  6. "Oh, what a world this life would be
    Forget all your Technicolor dreams
    Forget modern nature
    This is how it's meant to be"

    Congratulations, love. :-)

  7. Mohammad Naga bin Abdullah.

    Nuff said.

  8. You are super awesome!!!
    COngrats congrattss!!!


  9. The Chair Speaks> Hi Ms Yap :D It's so nice hearing from you..I always enjoy reading about your cats! Thanks for the wish...and you've progressed great with your blog! I still remember the early days we talked of blogging ;) Keep it up with your site!

    Zati> Thank you dear :) Btw those aren't the classic square polaroid films. They're the Fuji Instax ones, which you can easily get from the small photoshop opposite RotiBoy in KLCC ;) 10 films for RM38.

    Iron Butterfly> Aw thanks Azah :D Hehe btw mana ada....Asrif's multi-talented, that boy, tsk tsk.
    Thanks again...and yeah I guess am as dreamy as can get :) *hugs*

    Asrif> Thank you, love :) For the wish...and for making me write all of 'em love poems ;)

    Anonymous> Yeah sure, Faiz Fazil. TAXIIIIII! tsk tsk.

    a piece of me> Thank you, Ilya :) Truly appreciate that. And keep up with your 'hand creations', I love 'em sangat ;)