March 14, 2010

On Distance (Part 2)

If I could pick a star while we are apart,
would you be able to tell which one?

But you are, at the other side of the Earth.

And maybe that's when the power of Love lets one shine on you when day turns night.

The star I picked.


  1. Ha! nice one, very scientific too heheee

  2. Hey babe! :D Thanks! But haha, wrote this in one of my deepest modes, didn't realize it somehow turned up 'scientific' hahaha.

  3. what a true romantic =)

  4. How do I profess my love to this poet?

    Defining beauty as the Moon does night,
    She smiles like the Sun,
    Sets the world alight.

    Selfless a soul, none could compare,
    The weight of my troubles,
    Now none left to bear.

    How do I ever, profess my love to this poet?

    Words could never do enough justice,
    Songs could never hymn enough melodies,
    Pictures could never portray enough feelings.

    For the love surmounts all else.
    As my life,
    Is hers to share.

    636pm, 16 March 2010
    Betws-y-Coed, Wales

  5. :) I'm so thankful to God for the love I am blessed with. <3

  6. first of all, hello.

    second of all, wow.

    even though i have never met the both of you, your expressions of affection for each other is truly heartwarming and i am very happy to have come across this blog to witness such a beautiful bond between two beautiful souls.

    thank you.

    thank you so much.

  7. Amirul,

    I am glad we were able to let you feel that way :-) Thank you too for the kind words. Blessed be.