March 13, 2010

On Distance (Part 1)

The following Photopoetry was published on the Live and Inspire magazine:

Glassy reflection; O' singing ocean,
Will you pass this whisper, to ever after?
Message in a bottle, just not on paper,
A litre of tears, a thousand tales.

One drop, for the way we are apart,
Another, the way we'll reunite.

Let him be, at the other side,
But let him see, o' glassy reflection,
But let him hear, o' singing ocean.


  1. Wow. Your pictures are really beautiful. :)

  2. Flying Stars > Thank you, dear :) <3

  3. On these hills, I stand silent,
    At the loch, within sight.

    Calm as the breeze of Glaswegian spring,
    To the wink of my eyes, it caresses with ease.

    A longing,
    I sigh in the clouds,
    As the sound of the wind,
    Sings to the songs of you.

    Minutes go by with the seconds I count,
    Time won’t be long ‘til to you, I come home.

    And tomorrow shall come,
    When we’re both,
    Will be here.

    And always be near.

    1236pm, 14 March 2010
    The Trossachs, Scotland

  4. How lucky am I to be able to spend the rest of my life with a man who replies with another poem each time I recite one? :)

    Here's to the gentleman who fancies writing as much as I do. I love you :) x