April 6, 2011

A Lived Fable

The photopoetry below is created as part of the One Shot Wednesday on One Stop Poetry, a place where poets, writers and artists meet.

Fleeting rays of sunlight,
A warm touch, a rhythmic sight,
The sky; A blushing blue.
The sea; An orange hue.

Reflected before the night,
A dream (so true).

Blooming words in love letters,
A warm touch, your rhythmic whispers,
A fabled evening; Tea for two.
A song written; Painted souls too.

Lived each day and night,
A dream (thank you).


  1. you paint a wonderful scene in this...and painted souls is a fav line...

  2. Almost dreamlike in the vision given...a lovely scene-capture, bright bit of imagery; the love sings through it, that bloom of romance. I concur with Brian, too - "painted souls" is my favorite line to it. Simple, effective rhymes and a well-structured piece. Quite smooth.

  3. Very nicely done and your wedding pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with One Shot.

  4. Thank you very much, Brian, Chris and Andy. This was indeed written for my husband :-)