September 30, 2011

From Nothing To Everything

This site sure is a little dusty now and I truly apologize for the lack of updates. I hope you've been well.

So here goes. I have not been in the best of health the past months but have been recovering well with more activities recently, alhamdulillah. This, I think, calls for a quick catch-up before I resume with more photopoetry, insyaAllah. Let's see if I can do this in one breath. :-)

1.) Eid 2011

I think and hope it's still not too late for me to wish you a blessed Eid. Salam Aidilfitri, mohon maaf zahir & batin, loved ones. I spent the days before Raya crafting and drawing some Duit Raya Packets for the little ones in my family as pictured above. Perhaps I should do more of those next Raya, insyaAllah.

2.) Charity Photo Exhibition Launch (19th June 2011)

Now sometime before Raya (quite a few months back, actually), I was involved in a charity photo exhibition at Pelita Hati which I've mentioned before in a previous post.

The Star had done a little write-up on the event as pictured above, detailing on the charity and the theme of the exhibition. And a little on my photography journey thus far. You may click here for an online version of the article. Below are some photos of the event which was launched by YBhg. Toh Puan Dr Aishah Ong, Pro-Chancellor of the Universiti of Malaya. I am more than glad to have had my loved ones there with me as well.

3.) Lomography Cover

Now, pictured above is a printscreen from the cover of Lomography's website recently. Being a huge lomo fan that I am, I certainly am honoured to be on the cover of for some good few weeks (which does serve as somewhat a reminder on how much I need to finally develop the rolls which have stayed in my Diana F+ and Spinner 360 for quite sometime)! Please make sure I'll do something about that.

4.) LiteFM's Everyday Heroes' Special Session on Malaysia Day

Recently on Malaysia Day, I was given the privilege to be part of LiteFM's Everyday Heroes' special session. I was interviewed by Zak and Sara on my role as a "photopoet" in getting young souls towards the love of art and literature.

The lovely Sara left me touched by reading out my poem Tea For Two on air.

It was aired between 8am to 9am on that lovely Friday morning, which was then followed by some off-air chats in the studio captured on LiteFM's video recorder as per the below YouTube clip:

Thank you once again for having me over, LiteFM. It was truly an honour.

5.) 100 Thousand Poets For Change (24th September 2011)

On the 24th of September 2011, a global poetry event was held in support of promoting change (political, social, etc.) to the world. Held at 700 events, 550 cities and 95 countries, the day certainly was quite a historical one for poets all around reciting poetry works in hope to change the world.

Named 100 Thousand Poets For Change, Malaysia was no exception in participating in this worldwide event. Hosted by Jamal Raslan and supported by New Straits Times Press ("NSTP")' WakaLab, there were about 25 of us poets reciting our works at NSTP's hall in Bangsar that evening.

I will post up a video of my poetry recital and the full poem in another entry. Meanwhile, here are some articles by WakaLab, NSTP and myMetro if you'd like to read further on the event.

6.) Travelogue

One of my husband's and my story from our travel blog, Busking Barefoot has recently been shared by AirAsia on its website.

My husband and I did go to a few more places recently; and I am currently in the midst of editing our travel photos. Will update our travel blog soon, I promise. I'll let you know here.

In a nutshell (and not quite in one breath), that's pretty much most of everything. How have you been?

Do have a great week and stay tuned to TV3 this Sunday, 2nd October 2011, 7.30pm as my Sejuta Impian's episode will be on air. You may follow me on Facebook as well as I post frequent updates there via mobile. Take care now and much love!


  1. the angry bird duit raya packets very cute... can you make me chinese new year packets?

  2. Thank you, Jolene. Will try and see if I can do that and perhaps come out with more designs. Will certainly update here if I decide to do them for Chinese New Year. :-)