October 9, 2011

The World Has An Answer

The photopoetry below was written and created by me in conjunction of '100 Thousand Poets For Change' on the 24th of September, 2011.
You may scroll to the bottom of this entry for a video of me reading it at Malaysia's '100 Thousand Poets For Change' event:

Does the world need answers?
Or does it already have them?
Could the world map use more colours?
Or could we use the lights surrounding them?

What about those in the skyscrapers?
Could they cry for some answers?
Or should they only just look down?
For there's that same old lady at that bus stop
in the heart of the town,
Sitting at the same spot, with the same stray cats,
wearing the same clothes, but never a frown.
For she wears the same heart, lives the same soul,
to strangers around.

And what about this lady at the bus stop?
Could she cry for some answers?
Or does she continue to look up?
Not to the skyscrapers,
not to the top of the same tall billboards in front of her;
But to the constellation of stars.
For there is always light that surrounds her,
always so much wealth for her heart.
Such beauty; those painting in the skies.

And what about the stray cats wandering around town chasing feathers?
Could they cry for some answers?
Should we build them a home?
Should it be made of concretes?
Or should we just grow more trees?
So much shelter, so much green, so much to breathe.

Does the world really need more answers?
Or does it already have them?
Why are we looking around?
Why are we moving too fast?
So much answers; They lie so close
in our hearts.


  1. lovely pictures, so many questions, in a cool rendering, nice work! :)
    enjoy the rally!


  2. Thank you, and enjoy the rally too! ;-)

  3. does the world need more answers...great question...i think we already have many answers...they are just too expensive though as far as change....nice contemplative write...

  4. I think we have answers but it's getting everyone to agree with one answer ...humanity needs to co operate then perhaps our world and societies could flourish ....thank you this was lovely x

  5. lovely write and I think there is already a lot of questions but people are afraid of the answers so instead they do not say what they feel good write

  6. I agree with every word.
    Beautifully articulated poem!

  7. your words take us to many places.

    thought provoking.

  8. "For there is always light that surrounds her,
    always so much wealth for her heart.
    Such beauty; those painting in the skies." V.nice lines.Greetings :)

  9. thought provoking and captivating poem ! and it ends with a good reasoning and answering ! Gr8 job !

  10. Thank you for such kind words, you amazing souls. :-)

  11. love your poetry.

    feel free to share with poets rally week 55 today.