January 8, 2012

Of Breakfasts and A Lot of Love (Part 2)

8th January 2012

Remember that morning I played with the food for our breakfast and came up with a portion a tad too little for my husband?

Well this morning has proven that I am not alone with that - the whole playing-with-food thing and fascination towards breakfasts. My husband made me wake up to this today (with him being much more generous with the portion):

This day last year we walked down the aisle to The Beatles’ All You Need Is Love. The past year (and today) has proven the song real. Happy Anniversary to the amazing man who replies to my poems with beautiful songs. I love you. :-)


  1. I would love to use your first picture in this post in one of my poems. If that sounds ok to you please follow my blog or just tell me. my blog's http://my-pen-and-paper.blogspot.com/ thanks

  2. nice article , nicely written. Loved it with love. :)


  3. Harek - No problem, so long as it is credited. :-) Thank you for asking!

    Foto Clipping - Thank you so much. :-)