April 15, 2012

DIY Polka-Dotted Table Cloth

If you hang out with me enough (or once), you will understand how entirely fascinated I am over polka dots and the idea of having them at every possible space within sight.

Inspired by Oh Happy Day's DIY project, I recently added another item into my array of polka-dotted things - the table cloth.

Needing just a plain white table cloth, some craft paint, cardboard papers, scissors and a paintbrush or two; painting your own polka-dotted table cloth is fairly easy and so much fun!

In my case, I actually used a table cloth which already had prints on it as I didn't have and couldn't find a plain white one. As the prints were only on one side, all I did was make use of the other side. So now I actually have a table cloth with flower prints on one side (the existing prints) and polka dots on the other (my own work)! Pretty useful, I think.

Here are some photos of the fun I had with my little feline helper in making sure that we'd dine with polka dots that day onwards.


  1. This is NEAT! nak buat la nnt. :D

    tp guna water colour cannot wash la then eyh.. :\

  2. Hehe yes, you should! :D Tapi it's best to use craft paint for fabric. Otherwise, if nak use watercolour, just get a cheap disposable table cloth (usually for parties) and do this just for the fun of it. :D