March 23, 2014

Weekly Stills: Week #5 (17th-23rd March 2014)

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This week has been spent still very much learning the ropes of motherhood and breastfeeding, I probably was the most nervous person around the block. My husband has returned to work and each day I just kept waiting for him to come back, longing for his comfort. I also found myself becoming pretty restless and a little blue from being indoors a bit too long now, hence finding the greatest joy from an evening at the garden with my baby.

Amidst all these emotions playing in and around my head, I knew I had to do something to feel more confident at the new role I was assimilating to. The thing with me is I tend to get easily overwhelmed over life changes, no matter how little. And this time around, the change is pretty huge. Topped up with being exhausted from labour the week before, having little rest yet getting more visitors to attend to, it all felt just a little too much for me. Some days, the company of well-meaning visitors did helped, especially familiar faces. On other days however, my weakness of being easily overwhelmed tend to resurface, which I guess may have also been due to physical fatigue and the newly erratic sleep schedule I was trying to get familiar with. This was when I realized I needed to lessen the state of things being a huge "change" and decided to bring back some familiar things into this new life of mine.

And so began my artsy photography project for baby Orked. Having some art activities and my camera back into action slowly brought joy and confidence into the transitioning period I was going through. At least now it felt like I was still retaining my identity and usual hobbies. Only this time, Alhamdulillah, with a new friend - Orked.

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