March 30, 2014

Weekly Stills: Week #6 (24th-30th March 2014)

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This week would be the week I feel most "normal" ever since giving birth. The postpartum pain from my perineal stitches seem to heal now, I no longer need those sitz baths and can finally walk like a normal person, hurrah! Ah yes, the pain was one of the reasons I felt somewhat blue over the past week. It left me pretty immobile and wanting to cry each time I walked or attempted getting out of the bed.

I cannot thank God enough for this healing and the ability to walk freely now with a smile. I realized I was healing when I was able not just to walk, but to actually walk up the stairs with zero pain. Now that the pain is gone, I can enjoy my baby (and our arty photography project) much better!

On Friday, we finally returned back to our little cottage where the cats waited. This also had me smiling widely as I now have more of my familiar things surrounding me, making this whole life-transition period less overwhelming. I haven't been back home ever since my water broke three weeks ago, and I sure miss it like crazy (another reason I have been feeling blue too). But the best part? To finally be on a car ride with my husband again and seeing the outside world which I have not seen for three weeks (yes, another reason I have been feeling blue)! As I held my baby's tiny little hands, I looked out the car window grinning ever so widely while I felt my heart leaping with joy at the sight of the trees, the wide skies, the buildings, the rain, other cars, shops, the mosque, the mamak stalls, mat rempits and oh my goodness, the list went on, it has been too long! I didn't know being cooped up indoors for three whole weeks could do this to a person. But yes, being in that car ride with my husband again (my husband and I used to go out cruising a lot, plus, we were roadtrip junkies), and this time with my baby - it was just beautifully liberating.

And then when we finally reached home, I had another smiling, teary-eyed "Oh my God, it has been too long!" moment as I brought our little Orked in for the first time. I wanted to cry meeting my cats again. It may have been just three weeks, but it seemed forever, even the cats looked different to me.

We settled Orked in her new crib at home for the first time while round-eyed meowing Zalo looked over the entire time. When Orked woke up an hour later letting out a cry, the cats had the most hilarious look on their faces! They would take some time to understand that we have a new family member now. But I believe that someday they'll be the best of friends.

Welcome home, Orked.

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