May 4, 2014

Weekly Stills: Week #11 (28th April-4th May 2014)

7 Weeks 7 Weeks 7 Weeks 7 Weeks 6 Days

At 7 weeks old now, Orked's tiny little laugh has been much more apparent, appearing more frequently. She replies to our groggy morning smiles with the brightest sunshiny grin we've ever seen. And so easily she taught us how to start our days right.

There were a few fussy moments though mid-week, which I thought could be an extension from the sixth week growth spurt she was having. It toned down a bit towards the weekend thankfully. Plus, there were still her cute, tiny laughs in between.

She had the funniest company over the weekend when some of our friends dropped by to visit. They got her this gorgeous watermelon onesie that I couldn't resist but to create a photography shot of her in it the next morning. My Sunday morning was then spent all bright and sunny doodling watermelons.

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