April 27, 2014

Weekly Stills: Week #10 (21st-27th April 2014)

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Orked is six weeks old now. If you ask me when her first laugh made its appearance, I probably wouldn't be able to give a definite answer. Because ever since day one, Orked's expression at times tend to resemble one. A laugh, that is. Though I'm not sure if that's what they really are. I've heard people say that some of the "laughing" expression in the earlier days could be a result of a baby's reaction to gas. Maybe.

But this time around, at six weeks, I'm very sure now that her laugh was a laugh. A genuine one out of happiness. It came when she was sitting on her new Bright Stars bouncy chair as she got fixated by the mobile toys hanging over her. And I managed to capture that on camera - hurrah!

Also, at six weeks and four days old, she began taking the pacifier for the first time. We have attempted giving it to her previously, only to be greeted by her forceful rejection. And then I read somewhere that if you're breastfeeding, it's best to delay introducing the pacifier until at least at about six weeks. This is to ensure that breastfeeding has been properly established, and that the baby won't get what they call a "nipple confusion". And so with this knowledge, I haven't been giving her the pacifier since that first attempt a few weeks ago. And then on Friday evening while she got a bit fussy even after being nursed (which I guess was a result of her sixth week growth spurt), I thought to perhaps try the pacifier again. And she immediately took it well! I know most babies take them, and some even from birth, so there really is nothing to shout about. But that moment when Orked took it for the first time, I had this strange emotion of feeling proud of her, and amazed, and strangely at the same time a little sad, like it was Orked's first "growth" of moving on one step ahead from being fully dependent on me. Now I cannot imagine how emotional I'd be on Orked's first day of school one day, in shaa Allah.

While I'm not all that tough-chick emotionally, I think I'm doing pretty great now physically. I had my sixth-week postpartum check-up and my gynaecologist gave me the go-ahead to...be a normal person again!

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