July 15, 2015

Media Feature: Senses of Malaysia Magazine (July/August 2015 Issue)

Anyone flying on MAS for balik kampung this Eid? Or staying at hotels? Look out for the latest July/August 2015 issue of Senses of Malaysia magazine. They have kindly featured a story of my photography journey on a four-page spread, alhamdulillah.

Among some of the things I talked about in it are - Rantai Art Festival (the first ever local art event I participated and showcased my photography works, which was back in 2008 after returning to Malaysia from Australia), KLickr (the Kuala Lumpur Flickr group, a bunch of really fun and talented photographers who have also become family), Australian roadtrips, my love of nature, my love of love (I like how the author titled one of its paragraphs with "Love Is All She Needs"), my baby photography service, and also, my recent PhotoPoetry charity book project.

Oh, they have also featured my photography works of Orked...and well, my favourite male model - my own husband (ha ha). Many thanks again to Senses of Malaysia, The Expat Group, and everyone who has supported my art. You rule. :-)

Have a lovely Eid and a safe trip to your kampung!

P/S - The magazine is also sold at all our major local bookstores. :-)

Senses of Malaysia - July/August 2015



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