August 8, 2015

How I Love Her

Just waiting for my telur mata kerbau. Okay, this was earlier today. She's fast asleep now.

She'd have wanted to continue playing and running around the house. But I decided to bring her bedtime an hour earlier today since she missed her afternoon nap. I believed she was tired and needed the earlier bedtime, she just didn't know it. And I was right. She dozed off within minutes as soon as I put her to bed. And I realized that's one of the many ways I love her. Not listening to her wants everytime because I know what she needs more at the time.

And I think she knows that too. She knows I love her that much and more, and that's why she reaches for my hand and hugs it whenever she can.

That's why she makes me telur mata kerbau. Thank you, baby.

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