October 23, 2015

Week 1 (1 - 7 Muharram 1437 AH) Motherhood Series - Anew

The entry below originally appears in the blog Mommy, Remind Me, a weekly photo series by a group of Malaysian mothers cum photographers documenting stories of their children growing up as little Muslims.

  Blog Week 1 - Azalia Suhaimi

Mornings, as we know it, represent a new beginning. A new day to make things right. A new day to be better than before. A new day to learn something we thought we failed the previous night.

I love capturing and freeze-framing our mornings. More so when there's that beautiful morning light. On a bigger scale, it doesn't just represent a new day. It represents us, starting anew.

It's a new year now in our Islamic calendar, and if I were to list down a new year's resolution of all the things I hope to learn and achieve for us, I probably wouldn't stop. And that's a lesson in itself - to learn and to always want to. I recently just hopped on a new journey as a work-at-home-mom, and that's a whole lot of newness there.

To begin with, I want to be a better mom/wife/daughter/sister/daughter-in-law and to always know the reason for it. I want to always be reminded that my goals of being a better-this or a better-that are all only for the sake of Allah.

So here are some freeze-framed moments of our morning. Your tantrums as a nineteen-month-old just like any other nineteen-month-olds and how I'm always learning to embrace them with patience - to be a better mom. And our mornings spent together with these coloured activities that I am so grateful of. I'm entirely thankful for this opportunity to have more time with you and to learn to be a better mother.

We recently started this collaboration of art together whereby you'd paint and learn all the things a toddler would learn from sensory play. And you'd have fun and giggle. And I'd learn a new interpretation of Qur'an and write it down in the form of brushlettering. I'm trying to do this on a regular basis and have a collection of reminders from the Qur'an that we'd learn and paint down together. You may not exactly understand them now. But I hope that one day when you look back at all these reminders we painted & wrote for ourselves, you'd benefit from them in countless beautiful ways. In shaa Allah.

To another better day, and to a better year. In shaa Allah.

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