August 15, 2015

Lessons from Qur'an, Brush Lettered - #1

Special thanks to a brother and a friend, Pate, for recently sharing the list of 100 direct instructions by Allah swt in the Qur'an. They make such great reminders for us, and I thought I'd use the list to practise my new found love - brush lettering.

This is horrible brush lettering, of course, but a truly amazing reminder. I hope to be reminded by this always, as much as I hope to guide my child with it. On the same note, I absolutely enjoy teaching my child to speak and reading to her. I have this thing for early childhood education, which is among the many reasons I love spending time with my toddler. I've read somewhere before that babies are able to differentiate languanges even if you mix them in your speech. And I think that's true. Because whenever I say "Alhamdulillah" or any other Arabic words or phrases, Orked would reply with "Amin". I don't remember teaching her to say "Amin" after some of the phrases. And she doesn't say "Amin" when I speak in English or Malay. And I think that's amazing, the way their brains develop, and the way God has created us. SubhanAllah.

P/S - For the complete list of the 100 instructions by Allah, you may google "100 direct instructions by Allah in the Quran". There are quite a few websites with the list. May these benefit us, inshaaAllah.

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