May 17, 2016

Instagram, My Unimportant Opinion and The Role A Logo Plays

I know this is such a small matter & no big deal, really. But...Instagram's new logo made me realize the initial reason why I loved it & downloaded it when it first came around about 5 years ago (maybe longer, but I couldn't afford an iPhone yet at the time). I have always loved all things vintage and retro, and I do have my own actual physical Polaroid cameras, typewriter, etc. But of course, with our busy schedules, I slowly couldn't find the time to play around with my vintage toys anymore.

So when Instagram appeared with this cute retro vintage camera logo, and all those vintage filters we could use for fun, all simply through a mobile phone, I was hooked. It gave me this satisfaction of playing with something "vintage" in an easier way. I remember at the time, I was crazy about Hipstamatic too (which had also changed into something entirely different now). Instagram and Hipstamatic were my two favourite special photo apps for me to engage in my hobby. And oh, another one called LomoLomo.

Now that Instagram has launched its new logo, I feel like it's losing its identity, originality and appeal it once had. Now it's just "another photo app" for me. Or "just another social media". Like Facebook. Nothing special anymore.

I'll probably still continue using Instagram for the brands I'm managing and the marketing that comes with them (even writing this feels so dry & how it's lacking that "oomph") and for reaching out to the people.

But it's no longer my special place to engage in my hobby like it once was. I'll be on VSCO for that.

Such a lengthy, dramatic thought for something that really shouldn't be a big deal, huh? Haha. I guess it also reminds me to not place attachments on the wrong things. Definitely not on "things". And it also tells of how much a logo can do. The strong branding it creates. How much it represents you. 

And I guess, the new logo really is representing what Instagram has become. Which makes me a little sad as I had this nostalgic attachment to what Instagram was and how it played a role in my life. Until then, goodbye and thanks for being that special photo app you once were, Instagram.

P/S - This was one of the very first few photos I had fun capturing and playing around using LomoLomo and Instagram from their earlier days.

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